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At the end of the program, you will look and feel better than ever before. You will have the tools and support to maintain this new you for the rest of your life.

Insights from Past Program Clients

If you have or are currently struggling with your weight, and you’re like me and now have a cabinet full of stuff that doesn’t work. Try something that does. I promise if you commit to this program, within weeks – you’ll feel like a brand new person. I know I do. Thank you so much Carolina Integrative Medicine!


So far I have lost 65 pounds I completed my first ever mud run. My mantra used to be the only way I run is if I’m being chased! Now I’m doing it because I’m so energetic and really enjoy an active lifestyle. No more pains throughout the day to keep me on the couch. The fat that was there is really melting away, I’m wearing a bathing suit again for the first time in years and this summer purchased the first two-piece bathing suit I have ever worn in my life, at 47 years old!


Thanks to the great staff at Carolina Integrative Medicine I am at an 80pd loss! I so appreciated all the words of encouragement each time I came in for my weigh in! Their friendliness, continued support and compliments are more than I ever expected from a medical staff! It's the little things that make a difference just like, being able to ride a bike again, cross your legs again, put on a pair of stockings/tights without getting out of breath, shaving without a struggle, having my daughter be able to put her arms around me completely when she hugs me, seeing that twinkle in my husband's eye again when he looks at me and even walking 4 miles of the AT trail without my feet killing me with every step!! I am lighter, happier, healthier going on 50 than I've been in a very, very long time!