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Looking Toward the New Year

It’s that time of year when the holiday parties and celebrations are winding down. And we are all starting to plan for a great 2016. Personal resolutions are the natural extension of our hopes for the New Year. For many of us those hopes and plans include our health. We want to ‘get in shape’, take care of our bodies and just feel better.

For those of us who struggle with weight, dreaming about a slimmer, healthier, more vital body, this is the time to make those dreams come true. Our weight-loss program at Carolina Integrative Medicine can help.

There are many types of patients who come to our office for weight-loss consultation. There are those who have been overweight for some time and feel that now is the time to take action. There are those who have dealt with their weight several times before through exercise and diet, and as can often happen, weight gain has crept up and gotten the upper hand. There is another less common, but often, frustrated set of patients who are “doing everything right” and the weight doesn’t come off.

There are so many reasons why this weight creep happens, and it is such a common phenomenon. Maybe it has been a stressful last few years. Job issues, family issues, money issues. The list goes on and on. Stress often leads to unhealthy eating. Stress can lead to hormone dysfunction. Adrenal fatigue may have you eating just to get some energy. Thyroid issues play havoc with your metabolism. We always suggest that our patients get help with the sources of stress. And we can help get your hormones rebalanced and support your adrenals but there is still that excess weight to lose.

That weight creep could be as simple as fun times, full of travel and lots of celebrations, good food, little exercise, life is great, but the weight has collected and it’s not coming off easily. And we are all aging. Like it or not our bodies are shifting and changing and requiring that we pay more attention to diet and exercise than we used to.

Whatever the scenario and whether a patient wants to lose 10 pounds or they need to shed 50 or more pounds, I believe our weight-loss program is the simple, all natural, quick results, metabolism rebalancing way to lose weight and keep it off.

For several years now and with hundreds of patients, we have prescribed Trileana as our weight-loss formula. There is a lot of research behind Trileana and we have come to trust it as the number one formula for hCG. We have learned so much from our patients about the everyday, nitty-gritty aspects of losing weight on this program. Patients lose weight using a patented hCG formula, eating cleaner with all-natural meats, fruits and vegetables. After the weight is gone they continue with a healthy eating life-style that will become a long term, fulfilling habit.

Let me backtrack and talk a bit about hCG itself. HCG is a hormone naturally produced in the body. It is known most commonly as the pregnancy hormone produced by the body during pregnancy to mobilize body fat for use by both mother and fetus. In the 1970’s a European medical doctor discovered that by injecting a very small amount of hCG into his patients they could capitalize on that same natural mechanism. Excess fat could be mobilized by the hCG for use by the body when it needed it. And the way he got the body to need and use the patients’ excess fat was via a specific low calorie diet. With hCG the mobilized fat feeds the body and rapid, safe, fat-based weight loss ensues. These small doses have no effect on fertility and had the same results on both men and women.

Until a few years ago, the most common form of hCG for weight-loss has been an injectable. Patients came to their doctor’s office every day for a shot. It was not easy, not very accessible and life could not be flexible. All of that changed when Global Weight Loss Solutions formulated hCG for use as sublingual drops. It became accessible and simple to follow. It is only available through a physician who will monitor the health and progress of the patient. The program is unique, effective, safe, and got even easier a year ago with a simple topical cream application minimizing the need for refrigeration.

Trileana hCG is formulated with Choline to help convert fats into energy, with Acetyl-L-Carnitine to accelerate fat loss which also helps one feel good and think clearly. And lastly, with Creatine that increases muscle mass during fat loss improving over-all energy. So basically the company has found ways to increase the energy and sense of well-being in our bodies as the excess fat gets burned and our muscle mass improves to make us thinner.

Here are some of the best reasons to call us for an appointment to see if Trileana will work for you.

  • You can plan to lose from ½ to 1 pound per day.
  • You can stay on the program until you have lost the weight you want.
  • Yes you must follow a low calorie diet but don’t let that scare you.
  • The food is what you would buy for your family – meat, vegetables and fruit.
  • You will find it filling, you won’t be hungry.
  • You may miss some of the foods you are used to; soon you will find they were just habits and you are easily creating new habits.
  • Your excess fat gets used for your everyday calorie expenditures, giving you energy and keeps your body from going into hunger mode.
  • At the end of a minimum of 21 days or whenever you have reached your goal beyond 21 days, you will begin a maintenance phase where you eat good fats, proteins vegetables and fruits, but you avoid starchy carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods.
  • By the end of your 30 day maintenance period you will have really weaned yourself away from the more unhealthy carbohydrates and sugars that you may have craved before. Your metabolism is reset and you are ready for a lifetime of eating plenty of good food and managing your weight and health.

We’ve all heard that you can’t lose weight this fast and keep it off. This is extremely fast. It only takes a few months to become a whole new you. In that first month the weight will come off very quickly. People will notice. You will feel good. That will keep you motivated. Then the maintenance phase requires careful eating, but again it is good food and there is no limit to variety. And here is where you learn a whole new way of healthy being. You take charge of feeling good and keeping your weight where you want it to be.

And although exercise is not required, you may feel like taking up a new exercise program, new hobbies, you will certainly need a new wardrobe and a new bathing suit, or two, for summer.

As I mentioned earlier, we have learned so much about this amazing weight-loss program. We have been pulling together these nuggets of wisdom about everything from what you will need to stay motivated to delicious new recipes that follow the plan eating requirements. When you begin our Trileana weight-loss program we will support you along the way with all the information you will need to insure your success and well-being.

We are currently making appointments for the New Year. Call to schedule your new start today.

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