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Hormone Retesting

When Should You Retest Your Hormone Levels?

When we create a treatment plan for our patients, it is essential to test hormones to establish a baseline of where your hormone levels are.  This baseline is how we determine the best way to create an individualized treatment plan.  But how often and how frequently should you retest your hormone levels?  Just like going to the dentist, it’s easy to go once and then forget to follow up.  However, if you are serious about your health and balancing your hormones, retesting is crucial.

Initially, we recommend retesting about 3 months after starting a supplementation program.  This helps us ensure that your dosage is sufficient and not excessive or inadequate.   Depending on symptoms, we’d recommend retesting every 3-6 months until follow-up tests show optimal levels of the tested hormones.  Unfortunately, the healing process does not happen overnight.  It can take years for hormone levels to become optimal.  While it can be tempting to want to retest more frequently, you should wait and follow the advice of your healthcare provider.  Once your tests start showing that we have successfully balanced your hormones, retesting is recommended every 12 months – unless hormonal symptoms develop or return.

Retesting salivary hormone levels is absolutely essential to ensure optimal levels are maintained over time.  Monitoring your hormones is necessary not only as a periodic check-in, but also to address new complaints when following a supplemental treatment plan or for incomplete resolution or worsening of initial symptoms.

If you haven't tested your hormones at all yet, click here to learn more.  If you think it might be time for you to retest, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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