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From The Desk Of Dr. Duffy

I want to take this opportunity to let my patients know how much I appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response my office has received to the implementation of the Integrative Medicine Fee. It was a necessary administrative plan on our part and to have so many of you understand and communicate that you want to continue to be in a partnership with us as we move into the future is very heartening.

You have chosen Carolina Integrative Medicine as your health care provider. Our pledge back to you is to create the best healing atmosphere, utilize the best diagnostics and prescribe and provide the most natural supplements and therapies for your wellness when the need arises.

Many of you have mentioned that you have seen articles on the internet suggesting that an annual administrative fee is the wave of the future for physician practices. And you have mentioned reading about the more drastic measures which some practices are implementing such as not dealing with health insurance or converting to a "concierge" model with a huge fee for personalized care.

I think the take-away insight from these articles is that good health, good medicine and a partnership with your health care provider are choices, and I appreciate you choosing Carolina Integrative Medicine. It is our intention to keep integrative care as affordable as possible. We will continue to file and handle your insurance claims. Our self-pay patients will receive a 15% discount on office visits.

We are truly pleased to have you as a patient. We do have room for new patients who would prefer the Integrative Medicine approach and would be glad to have you refer friends and family.

If you have not contacted us to let us know that you want to continue your health partnership with Carolina Integrative Medicine, we would appreciate hearing from you even if you do not have an appointment scheduled. Please call our office at 864-722-9262 or email us.

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