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Age: 49

Height: 5'1"

Was: 250 lbs.

Lost: 80 lbs.





My decision to begin my journey to becoming a healthier me was at a family get together at the beach in March 2015! I was walking my sister Peggy, who had stage 4 lung cancer back to her room because she was week and tired! My feet were aching badly, which they always did after being on them so much with my 250pd self! Well, that night as I listened to my sister confiding in me that she was tired of chemo and didn't want to continue her almost 2yr fight with cancer! I held back the tears and let her know...."It's ok Sis! It's your decision" as my feet throbbed in pain! I knew her pain was so much worse and deeper! Right then and there I told myself..."you got to get this weight off". So in May, right before my 49th birthday, I made an appointment to begin Trileana at Carolina Integrative Medicine! I was already being treated for hormone issues and knew most everyone in the office, therefore I felt they would be able to help me! So my journey began while my sisters journey was ending! I worked hard all summer while making trips to NC to see my sister Peggy! I used The HCG Dieter Gourmet Cookbook by Tammy Skye that a friend had giving me, to cook my meals! It's the best cookbook ever! I even made Tomato Basil Soup for my sister, when she wouldn't or couldn't eat anything else, on one of my many visits! She loved it!! Halfway through my journey, August, my sister loss her battle with Cancer! It was tough losing my sister but it gave me strength to continue fighting my own battle! I was hard through the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays but I stuck through it! I did and thanks to the great staff at Carolina Integrative Medicine I am at an 80pd loss! I so appreciated all the words of encouragement each time I came in for my weigh in! Their friendliness, continued support and compliments are more than I ever expected from a medical staff! It's the little things that make a difference just like, being able to ride a bike again, cross your legs again, put on a pair of stockings/tights without getting out of breath, shaving without a struggle, having my daughter be able to put her arms around me completely when she hugs me, seeing that twinkle in my husband's eye again when he looks at me and even walking 4 miles of the AT trail without my feet killing me with every step!! I am lighter, happier, healthier going on 50 than I've been in a very, very long time! Thank You TrimContour and to the whole staff at Carolina Integrative Medicine...especially you Susan!! I am so, so grateful!!