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Age: 47

Height: 5'2"

Was: 196 lbs.

Lost: 65 lbs.





I found out about Dr. Duffy when my friend, who had lost 30 pounds, still had the weight off two years later. I have tried so many diets and weight loss programs over the years including Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Atkins, but nothing ever seemed to work. The best I could manage was losing a few pounds, but I would eventually gain all the weight back and more. I am very scared of getting diabetes or worse as health problems run in my family. Dr. Duffy took the time to really explain the proper way to eat and the nutritional guidelines I should be following. I went there to do the hCG diet, and I thought it was really neat when she told me we could do that and it would work but if we don’t take care of the underlying issues we will be right back here in a year. So first she took care of my hormone imbalances which did wonders, at the same time she taught me proper nutrition. I started working out on my own then. Of course I got guidance from her on that. After a few months I was feeling better and all things were pointing in the right direction, but I still had more weight to lose. This was weight I had put on yearly after my second child now 14.

"The weight seemed to be falling off!"

When they said I could lose 1 to 2 pounds a day on TrimContour (hCG) I thought, “no way.” It was not easy but after the first week I’d have to say it became easier than any other diet I had ever been on. Plus, when you are losing more than a pound a day you stay motivated. All the thinking required of other diets is gone. Just eat what you’re allowed when you’re supposed to and you will succeed. I was not hungry and just felt even more energetic. The staff was so supportive and everyone was pulling for me. Many of her staff has succeeded using Releana, so they had lots of tips and pointers from the front door through checkout. So far I have lost 65 pounds I completed my first ever mud run. My mantra used to be the only way I run is if I’m being chased! Now I’m doing it because I’m so energetic and really enjoy an active lifestyle. No more pains throughout the day to keep me on the couch. I tried Mesotherapy for residual excess skin on my arms and belly that stubbornly would not go away despite my efforts. It worked! The fat that was there is really melting away, I’m wearing a bathing suit again for the first time in years and this summer purchased the first two-piece bathing suit I have ever worn in my life, at 47 years old!

Dr. Duffy utilizes the best and most scientifically researched products on the market. I love her weekly blogs. They keep me up to date on new products and really help explain what I’m doing. I have a new life now and can’t tell enough people about Carolina Integrative Medicine.