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Age: 45

Height: 67

Was: 190 lbs.

Lost: 33 lbs.





As a professional and a mother of two it is really hard to find the time to exercise and eat right. So I had gained weight from our last child and it just would not come off. I saw Dr. Duffy and she told me about the primal lifestyle and the hCG program. I lost a pound a day for a total of 33 lbs! The best part was after finishing the drops I continued to lose weight. My body really did start acting differently. Of course, you have to eat right, but once you make that commitment the hCG really does wonders. It’s really nice to see a Doctor that can sit there and tell you “I did this and it works.” That really made me trust her and I think is what made the difference for me. Its really helpful to get a complete body composition done at each appointment and see that the weight loss is indeed the right type and not just water weight or muscle weight, but truly fat.

Once I reached my weight loss goals Dr. Duffy was able to continue guiding me in the right ways to eat and help me not fall for the gimmicks of "healthy" advertising. I learned about Primal eating, portion size, and eating local and fresh food instead of prepackaged and fast food. This has helped me to maintain my new weight as well as my newly balanced hormones. If you have or are currently struggling with your weight, and you’re like me and now have a cabinet full of stuff that doesn’t work. Try something that does. I promise if you commit to this program, within weeks – you’ll feel like a brand new person. I know I do. Thank you so much Carolina Integrative Medicine!