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4 Reasons You Should Detox

(Reposted from 1/29/2016)

Most of us equate a detox with deprivation—or worse. We think hunger, weird food, juice and colonics. We might feel better at the end, but is it really worth the pain and suffering? I think this is why a detox has always been kind of an exotic thing to do. Only movie stars and other beautiful people would go through this. That may have been true in the past but the best medical supplement companies have developed detox plans that are not about deprivation. Detox can be a safe effective and not so weird jumpstart for your health and a reboot for your metabolism. Seems like a great way to start your new year!

So when I use the word “detox” I mean a scientifically designed, all systems, medical detox from the effects of processed food, sugar as well as the toxic accumulation which occurs from external sources, such as pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Then there are the internal sources, such as stress and inadequate nutrition. All of these can lead to undesirable changes in metabolic function.

4 Reasons You Should

1. You Just Don't Feel Your Best

You wake up feeling less than vital, vibrant, alive, joyful and full of energy. Even if you are thin but have symptoms of being toxic like fatigue, brain fog, achiness, digestive issues, allergies, headaches—really any symptoms at all—the detox can help heal you quickly. Most of us don’t connect what we’re eating to how we feel.

2. You Have Trouble Keeping Weight Off

We have been convinced that losing weight is just a matter of calories in/calories out, that it’s about energy balance, about eating less and exercising more, but science has shown that sugar, flour and processed food calories are different. First, they trigger addiction and overeating. Second, they spike insulin and inflammation, which makes you store belly fat and blocks your ability to feel full. Third, you can’t control your sugar and carb cravings and they almost feel like food addictions.

3. You Have Never Tried to Detox

Most of us have never in our life taken a few days to put nothing in our bodies but delicious, whole clean food. Even if you think you are healthy and feel good, you may not realize that your normal state is not your optimal state. Think of it as a tune-up, a super-quick, super-easy way to supercharge your health

4. You Need a Break from It All

All of us stray from living in a way that supports our health: too little sleep, too little exercise, too much bad food, too much stress, and not enough time for ourselves. A good way to reset your life is a simple detox. No toxins or drugs, by which I mean sugar, flour, processed foods, caffeine or alcohol - just simple, delicious foods and some healthy nutritional supplements. And of course some self-nurturing practices will help: deep breathing, sleeping 7-8 hours a night, a little exercise, self-love. All of this works together to get your body and mind back to its optimum functioning.

An Easy to follow 6-day Detox

The Xymogen Six-Day Detox Renewal Kit is a 6-day plan that is a truly complete and thoughtful approach to detoxification. It combines four specially selected complementary Xymogen formulations. These formulas work in concert to encourage the various detox-linked systems and organs of the body to process and eliminate waste and toxins. And you will know and understand the purpose and ingredients in each. The kit is designed to renew and enhance the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification capabilities.

Along with these formulations you will drink lots of water for adequate hydration. You will exercise but keep your routine mild, such as brisk walking or light cardio and avoid very strenuous exercise. And because your body’s cells go into “repair mode” at night, it’s essential to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Adequate sleep can also help you fight off stress and cravings for carbs and sugary foods.

A large part of the 6-day detox involves eliminating certain foods from your diet that are commonly seen allergens or sensitivities, or may interfere with your body’s detoxification processes. Even though some of your favorite foods might be on this list, the dietary guidelines still leave you with plenty of nutritious, tasty foods to enjoy! Cleansing your body of toxins isn’t about starving yourself; it’s about making small improvements in your diet to improve your health.

Special for the Month of February

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