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Archive for August 2014

The Truth About PMS and Menopause

Why the drug companies don’t want you to know about the true causes? In my practice , menstrual cycle complaints have been one of the most common reason for patient visits. The complaints typically include one or all of the following issues: Heavy or Painful Periods Irregular Bleeding Cyclic Depression and Mood Changes (“PMS”) Hot…

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The Importance of Thyroid Testing

And Why Millions of People With “Normal” Thyroid Tests Still Have a Thyroid Problem! The Thyroid Gland rests in the lower neck. It is responsible for controlling the body’s overall metabolism at the cellular level. This overall metabolism is reflected in the body’s temperature. (Try it; if your oral temperature at wake up is below…

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The Truth About Cortisol, Energy, and Weight

Does Cortisol Make Me Fat or Tired? Do Caffeine Addicts Have a Cortisol Problem? We are hearing a lot about Cortisol lately. A number of over the counter diet pills are touting the blocking of cortisol as the remedy for weight gain in the abdomen. But most people who need to lose weight actually have…

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