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Archive for June 2014

B12 a Vital Link to Good Health

Overall health is the result of many different factors. Diet, lifestyle, genetics and the en­vironment all contribute to the state of our well-being. Although it is difficult to dis­tinguish the impact of any one aspect in the myriad of factors that influence our health, vi­tamin B12 has proven to be a vital link. Vitamin B12…

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Myth Busting: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer Risk

Sorting through the facts relating to hormone replacement can be cumbersome and confusing to patients as well as practitioners. More than a decade has passed since the halting of the CEE/progestin arm of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), and there has been little clarification on the subject from mainstream medical sources. There are however, several glaring…

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Weight Loss with HCG

If my patients want to or need to lose weight quickly and effectively, our hCG weight loss program is what I recommend.  The program is designed to last for a minimum of 21 days.  Within the first week of this program patients see and feel dramatic results.  During the next two weeks family and friends will…

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Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Management

Nutritional science took a basically harmful turn just over a generation ago by popularizing the “low-fat” diet.  Low-fat became part of our culture. Many new foods were engineered to reduce fat by adding ingredients. These additives, sugars, phytoestrogens, and processed foods have dismantled our metabolism. Now science and medicine are rediscovering that it is not…

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